Greet Desal


Based in Meulebeke—a municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders—sculptor Greet Desal has been studying the forms found in nature for several years. Her practice depicts animal and human bodies—white, naked, primal—that often mingle with plants, furniture and architecture. Under this representation of physical frames and characteristics lies a layer of acute and dynamic “psychological questioning”.
Through her art, Greet exposes the viciousness of human pride and self-regard, highlights the suffering of animals, dissolves ranks and reveals the interconnectedness of earthly inhabitants big and small.
Here she discusses her approach to work and the issues that disturb her.
Luciferian Towers | Acryl Polyester | 266 x 126 x 15 cm | 2018
Domus plus The holy fail  I papier Maché (Mein kampf)